Truth Be Told!

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Happy New Year


Truth Be Told

love never fails

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe!


At some point on the journey, all you will want is that the truth be told in your relationship with God, in your work, and in your love.  Love of yourself, love of your family, love of your friends, love of others, and love of your community!

After decades on the planet, I can feel myself getting smaller, less puffed up, and despising foolish things.  There’s a feeling of returning to my childlike self:  innocent, loving, pure, forgiving, not needing anything from anybody, unless, of course, it’s something with my name on it!  Now, though, I’m armed with all the lessons learned traveling on the planet.  I’ve chosen to dump the pain of the trip, like a plane coming in for a crash landing dumps it’s fuel so it doesn’t explode upon touch down.    Off of Facebook, twitter, and email with no restraints nor expectations, it’s my privilege and blessing to become crystal clear for 2014. To come to a smooth landing at the end of 2013!

I rise with these three truths:

1.  Truth be told, most of us are trophies of grace.  Whether it’s a result of a professional crisis, personal crisis, betrayal, heartbreak, or loss of a loved one, we’ve all been through something, a heartbreak of some form or fashion, that has brought us to our knees and weakened us, if only momentarily.

As Tamela Mann says in the second verse of her beautiful song Take Me to the King:

Truth is I’m weak
No strength to fight
No tears to cry
Even if I tried
But still my soul
Refuses to die
One touch will change my life

Take me to the King
I don’t have much to bring
My heart’s torn in pieces
It’s my offering

Give us extended time together, and we’ll really share our true hearts and pain because what matters most is that we rise and sing again.   Heart-to-heart sharing gives us the fire and fuel needed to carry on no matter what we’ve been through. Stories of triumph sustain us on the journey.

Maybe I just hang out with the spiritual crowd, but it seems that a lot of us get that GOD is Mr. Everything.  We’re all rushing to spend time with him by praying, by going to church, by sitting in pews, by serving in ministries, by serving in organizations, or just by being!  Some understand that there is no separation, and that God is everywhere so we don’t rush anywhere anymore.

I meet him in the silence this holiday season while being disconnected and allowing stuff to pass through me.  I hear him in song, listening to wonderful music of all kinds.  I’m so grateful!

There’s nothing to fear because his power is made perfect in our weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9.  All we must do is support one another as much as we can.

2.  Truth be told, the purpose of why we are brought to this planet should, simply, seep from our pores and spill out onto the Universe in every thing we do.  It’s not so much the “What” but the “Why” of your existent that is most important.  You can not understand the “Why” of you without a long analytical look within.  We’re each brought here with a purpose, a divine plan, an essence that we gift to the planet allowing it to make the world a better place. Your work is to find out what that is.  It will answer “Why” you were born and allow you to view every experience in terms of what it offers to move you forward.  It and only it should be oozing from your pores. Then you can pick and choose and do whatever you please!  Become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, taxi driver, teacher, artist, gardner, or producer, just give us the “Why” , the essence of why God graced us with you!  We’re all hungry for it.

We examined this in the first Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity gathering.   See the events page.  What oozes from my pours is simplicity, creativity, a peace maker, a stirring of others to have fun, have hope, to live out loud, to go for it, to SHOUT (Shine, Have Hope, Overcome, Use God’s Power, and Take Charge).  God connects me with those who need these qualities most.  I now connect with the “WHY” of me in simple ways, which releases stress of always needing big events, big speeches, big stuff, and validation from others!  Now my prayer is that God’s will as Meme oozes from my pores every second of every day.

It oozed from me on Christmas day, I thought.   I spent it with my sons and hubby, who cooked a feast for us, while our three sons looked on while watching basketball.  I  played music and danced, uncontrollably.  My men tested me a few times.   But I let any negativity bounce off of me and back onto them.  They sensed, I believe, that I was on.  Our baby doggies slept asymmetrically nearby.



They were more perfect for Christmas 2012

I didn’t rush around and worry about perfect trees or perfect gifts.  I went to the mall in the last two days before Christmas because I love the feeling of being there, among all of the shoppers, before Christmas.  I bought a tree a week before because I love Christmas trees, but decided to decorate it sparingly with ornaments I have in the house, because our garage is a mess right now.  It was all lovely enough.  Here’s a picture of my imperfect, last minute Christmas  Tree, 2013!    christmastree2013

It ended with dinner with my new friend:  A 22-year-old, pregnant young woman I met at a homeless shelter who is an emancipated foster young adult.  She came, we feasted on daddy’s delicious food, and then we sat in front of the Christmas tree with a fire and candles.  She, jokingly, asked if my husband could adopt her.

His food and hands have healing powers.  chocalate

I got lost as heck taking her home but she left armed with my books Just Gotta Shout, a spiritual affirmation book, and SHOUT Out Above life’s storms, I have Wings to Fly, a novel.  My SHOUT on the page. My simple offering.

I also bumped into Joann, my other homeless friend, at the mall on Christmas Eve.  I also invited her to come to Christmas dinner.  She didn’t come, but in the mall I shared with her that I’m still moving in faith that, eventually, I’ll be the one handing her keys to her permanent place to live.  I keep the faith.   www.indelibleimpact.org

My Autistic angel and I had a sweet dance of love with each other on Christmas day.  He followed me around all day and talked about everything from A to Z.  In fact, he talked so much I had to ask him to give me some quiet time out.  He looked fresh in his new lounge wear and smelled good with his new cologne.  We acted silly, danced, laughed, and loved.  I remain committed to showing the world, every chance that I get,  that people with disabilities are just as valuable and great as the rest of us.  I constantly text with Dani, the BELIEVE cast member with special needs.  I now also live to give her another opportunity to SHOUT on stage again.

I BELIEVE!  http://www.thebelieveplay.blogspot.com/2013/09/purpose.html     If you’re reading this and would like to help a young adult with disability or help find housing for a homeless woman, email me at memekellyinspires@gmail.com or indelibleimpact@gmail.com

My love of God and understanding that every single being and thing is created in His image and likeness, whether known or not, allows me to feel at home and in fellowship just about every darn where I go.   On Saturday, I jumped up and down — some times there’s a physical manifestation of my SHOUT — with a group of beautiful women who have started a wonderful movement:  www.womenofthecrossthemovement.com   I so enjoyed SHOUTN with them, that I committed to sharing face-to-face more in 2014.  I’ll travel to you or your women’s group to jump up and down and SHOUT with the joy in my heart or with the SHOUT I place on the page and or in an actor’s mouth on the stage.  I’ll run with deer’s feet between your four walls with gratitude.  SHOUTN!

3)  And, finally, I finish where I began.  Truth be told, Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe.  Nothing else matters, really.  Love of self  first, always, or you can’t give love to anyone else.  I loved on myself by disconnecting and spending time in the silence and reading this holiday season.   As I write this, I’m listening to Kem, “I can’t stop loving you.”  I’m thinking about my South Side of Chicago, 6’3, chocolate love, who appeared one morning as I stood in my UCLA dormitory breakfast line.  I was just 17.  Now we have decades of lessons of love filled with the 3 essential things of a thriving, loving relationship:   Growth, Forgiveness, and Release.

My sons are men now and we’re readjusting our relationships. I’m learning to let go and trust that I have poured enough wisdom into them that they will make the right decisions and/or survive the bad decisions that they make.   We’re not a perfect family, but we have thrived, together!  It’s cooking over here at the Kellys.  It’s A Cookin Hot Love Story!  www.indeliblemark.net

Next generation women, I will look for opportunities to share.  I want you to hear me loud and clear!  Whether we’re single or married, we’re all on the same path of learning the essential three ingredients of thriving, loving relationships:  Growth, Forgiveness, and Release.  Growth in our relationship with God, growth in our capacity to love our selves and others, growth in our ability to forgive quickly when hurt, then release the pain, and let go of the experience.

In 2014, I’m committed to pouring these love lessons into every interaction I have, then pouring them onto the stage and into a book.  Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe!

Stay tuned.

Love you,


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