Just B!



I want to be so much

A Judge

making me a lawyer too

or let me walk the moon

to find a cure to aids

Or feed

every woman, child, and man and

erase homelessness off the face of the earth

then hide the guns

exchanging bullets for trucks


pick up all the racist

the homophophics

sexist monsters

Ted Nugent

and the Tea Party Right Wingers

 waving confederate flags

that cut my brown skin in the wind

and drop them

at the end of the road

Then rest

and marry a man name Barack

loving him like there was no tomorrow

But all you gave me is these damn words.


it brings shame to my family name

That’s how I feel

until you shake  my bed

beckoning me down stairs

instructing me


light those candles

glare into the roaring fire

listen to YOUR whisper

“except it, little girl,

the clay will never be equal to the potter”

But still I cry out

you afflicted me, God

waking me up with all these words

while everyone else is sleeping

 all I got

is YOU peering at me


Just B!

Just B

follow me



                                                                                                          Isaiah 29:16

You turn things upside down!

Shall the potter be regarded as the clay,

that the thing made should say of its maker,

“He did not make me”;

or the thing formed say of him who formed it,

“He has no understanding”?

2 thoughts on “Just B!

  1. Beautiful poem by a beautiful woman. My Sister you have so much more than just a PhD or West Point pedigree, you have inspiring words breathed by God himself! So shout, be proud and ‘Just B’…

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