You’re Special!



You Dance through Life!

When you do what you have to do inspite of…

And that’s Why

I know you understand a group of people who need your support

Young Adults with Disabilities

You understand how it feels when you’re moving against the grain

or you feel all alone.

You know how it feels to dance in the rain when no one is looking

On May 18th

I want my DDEP (Dance, Drink, Eat, and Pray) group (see below)


to dance for Young Adults with Disabilities in Southern California

or support us by making a cash donation here,


Or provide an in-kind donation of food, services, drinks, entertainment or inspiration.

We need it all.

Email indelibleimpact@gmail.com or me here.

I love you!

If you joined DDEP by paying $5.99, you have already helped

Thank You!

Enjoy, Brilliant Poetry by Verb, Celebrating Young Adults with Disabilities

VERSES and FLOW Season 3 Poet “VERB” performs a poem for Autism

We’re now preparing for the 2015 Exceptional Adults with Disabilities Celebration Gala.

Look at the pictures of the May 18th, 2014 event below.  It was amazing:





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