If you are not ANGRY, you are a STONE!


“If you’re not angry, you’re either a stone or too sick to be angry.”

Maya Angelou

Thank you, Maya, for setting my anger free.  I am not a stone.  I am not too sick to be angry.

Thank You for instructing me on what to do with my anger.  Its okay, you say, as long as I’m not bitter.  “Bitter is like a cancer; it eats upon the host, but does nothing against the object of its displeasure.”   Anger, you taught, is another story.

“Anger you write it, paint it, dance it, march it, you voice it, and you never ever stop talking about it.  You do everything about it!”

I am writing my anger and giving it a voice!

I am angry about:

1) The surge of racism towards African Americans.

2) New immigrant’s lack of sensitivity about and knowledge of civil rights, and the lack of information provided to new immigrants about the  civil rights history of America.  Having one question, “Who is Martin Luther King?” on the citizenship test is not enough.

3) Gun Violence and the lack of ownership restrictions, especially for mentally ill owners. Please copy, #Cityofangels4peace on your twitter and facebook accounts.

Maya’s comments about anger are at the end of the clip below, a conversation between Maya and Dave Chappelle.


Thank you for also reminding me, as did Martin Luther King, that love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. I do love!

Job well done, sister.




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