Exceptional Adults with Disabilities’
Gala Celebration was Amazing!

Dear Friend,
At five o’clock, one guest was looking for his shoes.  Another for his son:)!  And others couldn’t find their clothes after ripping them off, changing into their swimsuits, and jumping into the pool.
Some couldn’t stop dancing. Others couldn’t stop swimming, and we all couldn’t stop eating as the party whisperer served us delicious dish after dish.
All of us were chattering about the amazing time we were having.  We knew it was special!
It was 5 p.m., on May 18th, and we were at the alcohol-free Celebration Gala for Exceptional Adults with Disabilities.  With the ocurrences above, it made us all wonder if something hadn’t been slipped in the punch!  But nothing had; we were all just giddy from having an amazing time!.
Close to or over 100 disabled adults and their friends and family attended, but in the midst of the fun who was counting!
What’s next?
Rest and plan for the 2015 event!
These guys need to be celebrated, regularly.  The jury is in!  They don’t need to be fixed, transformed, studied, researched, or pitied.  They are perfect just as they are.  They need to be celebrated for the tough journey that they must endure in this world!  Those who volunteered and served learned just that.  Perhaps, next year you’ll transform your heart by joining us.
The only unfortunate thing is that we were only able to raise half of the cost of the event and, thus, still need donations to pay off expenses.  We would love for you to give at least $10.00 to help by going here:  http://indelibleimpact.org/donate/
You can make a secure pay-pal donation there.
We are so thankful to all those who donated, including our board members, without whom the affair would not have happened. We are so grateful to Sharon and Nicole.  We are so grateful to all the others who supported us, including the families of some of the disabled adults whom attended, especially Lynn Raynr, who was an angel of support.
We also want to give a big thanks to Trader Joes, Studio City and Sherman Oaks, for being so generous and donating food items that we needed.  We pounded on all doors and they welcomed us with open arms!  They even shopped with us.
And we can not say enough about Georgie Smith, the party whisperer, http://www.thedelishlife.com/ who volunteered to transform our party into a magical affair. She was, simply, amazing!  Look below at the used army parachute that she transformed into a magical canopy. Lynn introduced us to her, and our guests loved her!
We are looking forward to stepping it up a notch in 2015, and we hope that you will join us and help us make it happen. We’d love to have a Malibu beach house Gala Celebration with party busses delivering our special guests — Adults with Disabilities.
We’d love to have celebrities and professional athletes pop in to dance with them and make them feel even more special!  If you’re reading this and have a “Hollywood hook-up”, please let us know if you can help in this regard.
We hope the 2015 budget fund will allow for a professional photographer and videographer.  Some of the above are home-made pictures.  We had a volunteer professional videographer and photographer present, but they have not delivered the pictures and video to us yet.  We will share when received.  Until then, we will hold onto the great memories that are seared in our hearts, forever!
We’ll keep you posted as we plan for May, 2015!.
Founder of the Indelible Impact program
Sponsored by S3, a 501 (c) (3)

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