Riots are the language of the Voices of the Unheard!/I AM TIRED/SOLUTIONS!!!


It’s been 10 days since Michael Brown was gunned down, and I am tired.  Although I know that what is occurring in Ferguson has to happen for change to occur, and that riots are, simply, the voices of the unheard.  Still, I am tired!

I’m tired because I’ve been on my knees praying for 29 years every moment of every day. I have been praying that my three African-American sons are not touched by the violence of our society.  Not shot down by police who are afraid of them. Not castrated by an educational system that does not know how to give them wings to soar. Not discriminated against by people who are ignorant of their culture, their kinetic energy, and are afraid of their strength.  Each time they leave out of my sight, I pray!  I pray because I know that I’m no better than any other mother of African American sons.

Meme with her young adult sons.  All children deserve to be starry eyed with the possibilities that the future holds.
Meme with her young adult sons. All children deserve to be starry eyed with the possibilities that the future holds.

I am Trayvon Martin’s Mom. I am Michael Brown’s Mom. I am Jordan Davis’ Mom.  I am the mother of all the Black boys rioting in the streets of Ferguson!  I am Martin Luther King’s Mom. And I am definitely Ezell Ford’s Mom, the mother of a special needs young man gunned down in Los Angeles recently.  My oldest son is Autistic!

I understand, like Martin Luther King did,  that riots are the language of the Un-Heard. I understand that no matter what we face on our journeys that love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. I know that love is what our boys understand, so I have loved.

I have loved my sons to the honor rolls of one of the best college preparatory schools in Southern California. I have loved them through college.   I have loved them as they begin their careers in Hollywood.

This morning I have released tears because I’m tired of the violence, lack of leadership in our communities, and the ignorance of what it takes to love our boys to safety and prosperity.

They must be loved and they must be heard! Give them a platform in Ferguson to speak. Don’t preach!  Just Listen.  Open the doors of the churches for them to speak.  Bring J Cole and Kendrick Lamar back to sing to their souls.

Riots are the language of the Voices of the Unheard!  They must be heard and allowed to say what they have to say.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r0KQ44s5Oo

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.

Not as the world gives do I give to you. L

et not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

John 14:27

I have peace because I’m a BELIEVER!  

I BELIEVE that God is with us in this difficult hour. 

I BELIEVE in the Voices of the Unheard! 

I BELIEVE!  You will overcome!   http://www.thebelieveplay.blogspot.com

Meme Kelly

Mom of three sons, author, and social entrepreneur



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