Reality Check! Black women are being hurt by reality tv



I have been shocked at the criticism leveled at Black-ish, the new ABC sitcom, especially in light of all of the garbage on TV today depicting Black women as finger shaking, neck jerking, money obsessed lunatics. Reality check:  The group that has the largest unemployment rate is Black women, and I believe our high unemployment rates are related to the images of Black women on TV.

I’ve been working in a high-rise in the SFV and there are no other Black women in the entire building, probably because employers are afraid to hire us. For who wants a neck jerking, finger shaking lunatic on their team?  Sadly, often-times opinions about other cultures are based upon how that group is portrayed on TV, and Black women are portrayed horribly on reality TV.  I thought I was having a bad dream when I happen upon the Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, and they were all dressed in gowns and crowns while they rolled their eyes, sucked their teeth, and bad mouthed each other.   Please read the Grio’s article on the subject:  http://thegrio.com/2013/06/05/from-julia-to-nene-thoughts-on-the-impact-of-reality-tv-on-black-women/

We’re now a people obsessed with material wealth while only .0007 percent of the total Black population of 45,000,000 million is rich. Yet reality TV portrays Black Millionaires, the kind that wear big thick gold chains no doubt, or are hip hop stars, as the norm. Black folks need to do a reality check.  We have lost more economic and civil gains during the Obama presidency than at any other time.  Please watch Tavis Smiley on Huffington Post Live:  http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/highlight/tavis-smiley-hilarys-my-friend-but-not-wise-for-dems-to-coronate-her/541209bdfe34442566000194

Because we’re watching reality TV shows, posting prayers on Facebook, tweeting nonsense on twitter, and…God knows what else, instead of being at our kid’s schools, organizing in our communities, and supporting grass root positive movements, we are losing all of the gains that our ancestors fought, and sometimes died, for. We are criticizing a show like Black-ish which has a positive image of a Black woman as a wife, mother of 4, and doctor, while watching Nene Leakes act a fool!

We are a confused people, and this makes me sad.

Because this space is my place to inspire love, forgiveness, and hope, I must end this post on a positive note.  I love African Americans and the richness of our culture.  I long for the days where we understood how great and unique we were as a people, and, therefore, would not pimp ourselves out on Reality TV show for a few bucks.  I forgive all the black Reality TV show participants.  I encourage you to walk away.  It’s never too late. You are damaging an entire race.  I leave you with Hope.  There are many in media trying to make a positive change.  Oprah (6 little McGees), Magic (positive programming on Aspire),  TD Jakes (Jump the Broom) and ABC (Black-ish). I remain hopeful.



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