I’m over it already!

(A funny, never-to-be finished draft, written after the Republicans took the house!)

I’m over the election already.

So I called the White House and guess who answered the phone?

Michelle Obama answered and said, “Thank you for calling the White House,” in a confident tone.  She had to ask me “who’s calling” several times, while I stood there with my mouth hanging open about to drop the phone.  I was floored!

When I finally answered, she informed me that she was having tea with Jill Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Donna Brazille.  They had  stopped by to console her.  She asked if that made me feel any better?  It did!  According to the First Lady, they’re all going to make sure that the children are fed, educated well, and that Obama care is not repealed.  I could hear Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazille saying, “Amen!” to that.

Elizabeth Warren then snatched the phone, as only she can do.  She screamed, “Stop fooling around, Democrats,  we still have work to do.”  She’s a pushy task master, but, still, I like her.

Of course, Joe didn’t comply.  He got on the phone for a quick minute, fired up and ready to go.  Then he boasted, “hell, this is why I was on the ticket in the first place:  To handle John Banner and Mitch McConnell.  Everything will be just fine.

Finally, Mr. President got on the phone.  He just quietly listened while I thanked him for working so hard, for keeping us out of the deep depression, for passing Health Care, for ending the war in Iraq,  although those folks are always starting trouble.  I told him he made me mighty proud in the beginning by saving the auto industry.  I see so many pretty American cars everywhere now.  But this Ebola thing, I told him, is serious. Yet, I believe he’s done the best he can, considering it’s the disease that no one has ever experienced.  Turns out we’re all human after all.

Before I hung up, I had to admit that I love him and Michelle and those girls, and that I pray every night that they’ll all be well.  Grandma too.  He wished the same for my boys.

Then he said as we were about to hang up, tell all your friends that I said,  “Hey!”   He added that anyone reading this should stop fooling around and get to the post that God assigned them.   The one with their name on it, where you’ll stay regardless of who is in office.  His final words were this.  If you don’t know where or what your post is, you’re in trouble.  But do not worry.  There’s always time left to live on purpose.  Old age is not a barrier.

Finally, he and I agreed that this country has really complicated problems and that we all must do our share.  Like I tell my sons and students, do your best!  And by all means, step it up since we lost the election!

Considering they were all run over by the big bad R truck, they sounded so positive I thought.  Their joy made me SHOUT:

 Shine your light

Have Hope


Use God’s Power, and

Take Charge of your assignment.

When I was done,  I asked for  their forgiveness for SHOUTN on the phone.  Then I politely explained that I’d been SHOUTN for God, in some form or fashion, since 1992.  I’ve SHOUTED on the page, on the stage, and on the problem.  My family and friends are used to me now.

When I calmed down, I hung up.  I prayed.  Then afterwards I committed to following Him, even when he has me doing stuff for which I’m not equipped.  Like… calling the dog gone President.



Then GOD talked to me and added his share.  He said, “Stay in your lane and pour MY power into everything that you do!”   He was sort of screaming so I yelled back, “You don’t have to worry about me because my weakness is made perfect with your POWER!   Even I know that scripture.

But then I had to search for clarity about my own assignment.  I was so relieved when I found this:

       “The role of the artist is to empower

         the weak while challenging the powerful;

         to provide hope in times of despair;

to recognize beauty

in those most despised;

and to celebrate life in the

         middle of all that is dying.”

And So I will:

 Our Voices, Our Stories,

a play with monologues, music, and dance

Jan 17, 2015

8 pm.

Colony Theater

Burbank, California

I wrote the dog gone thing!

I’m going to invite the President.
Meme Kelly

 The Quote above is by playwright Jeff Stetson:

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