A Man In Inglewood & His Wife with the funny name:)!


Picture drawn by one of my students:) I love kids, and I teach part time right next door to my house.
Pictures drawn by one of my students:)
I love kids, and I used to teach part time right next door to my house. But God has moved me. I explain it on the News Page below:


 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise;

God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

1 Corinthians 1:27

(This foolish thing is written in my Southern Chatt Tenn Voice

based on my own recollection.  I ain’t talked to nobody.

Relax and enjoy this thing. Don’t Judge!:)




I live in a fancy house. I wear fancy clothes, and I went to a fancy University but sometimes God says write it plain so that’s what I did here.  I wrote it plain.

There is a man in Inglewood!  At first he was at Hoover and Slauson, just down the street from me, right after I finished UCLA and married a tall sweet man.  Back then I only had one baby hanging from my hip. My baby is now about to turn 30 this weekend, bless his heart. That tells you something about me: I’m in my FAB – Finished with foolishness, the kind that hurts other people, that is After God’s will, & Beyond a Brand – FIFTIES, 50s!!! And I’m ready for a time such as this!  But I still call my baby my baby although he’s turning 30.  He’s a good boy but God gave him that Autism, and he don’t seem to mind too much. We surely don’t.  He just smiles all the time, and we’re so happy he’s our boy.  God always has a plan. Anyway, let me get back to this here story.  So this man was in Inglewood, back when I was searching for a place to hear the Voice of God.  You know the VOICE is everything and that’s why God gave me www.ourvoicesourstories.com . The Voices in this world are something else, and I hope you join us on Sunday, July 19th and July 26th, 2:30.  It’s a play but we don’t play.  Here’s a Vimeo of our rehearsals, https://vimeo.com/12​6547914/ which are at my house. Mama — that’s I call myself — loves being with emerging artists. Ourvoicesourstoriesflyer070815_JPM Let me stop it and continue on… I haven’t written from my heart, loosely like this, in a good while so I want to tell a lot of different stories. That’s what we do where I’m from, Chatt Town Tenn: Samuel Jackson, Usher, and Me.  Folks in Chatt town tell stories, sitting on the porch, getting up every now and again to chase lightning flies.  But let me try to stay focused. So I was down the street from the man in Inglewood and his wife; she’s so purdy. Let’s see this was back in 1985 when I had this baby hangin from my hip. I didn’t know what was about to happen cause only God knows. I did know that much and that’s why I needed to hear God’s voice so I could get some directions. This caused me and my friend from UCLA, that’s another story, but she’s my Soror, my sister, and our wombs are even connected.  I get pregnant. She gets pregnant. She goes into labor, I go into labor. Our first boys are only five hours apart.  So I asked her to look for a church with me so we both could get some directions cause she’s a Christian woman, loves the lord, like I do.  And she’s real quiet.  I like that, folks who talk too much is scary. Guess I’m scary sometimes.  I’m not going to call her by name because like I said up top, I ain’t talked to nobody about this here foolish thing I’m writing. So one day she calls me and I answer my big phone.  Back then it was hanging on the wall with a long chord that I used to burn when it got too close to the stove.  Mine was yellow.  My womb twin  says on the other end “My Grandmother’s sister goes to this church called Faithful Central Missionary Baptist Church and there’s a man there name Reverend Ulmer – don’t think he was a Bishop back then — and his wife is name Togetta, which at first hearing, I thought was a peculiar name, but I kept listening. “I believe we should go there,” my womb twin said. So I answered,  “Ok, if your grandmother’s sister is there, then we should go.” We were probably rushing and hollering, seeing that we both had babies.  But for some reason, which I can’t explain, I wanted to know if the grandmother’s sister was gone be there on the particular Sunday when we was to go.  Don’t know to this day why I asked.  She answered that she was. And I tell you, once I saw my womb’s sister grandmother’s sister she cause a memory to rise in me. I think it was because of her white suit with a little white nursing hat sitting so pretty on top. Look like she was about to rescue somebody.  When I saw her I went to thinkin about my Bigmama in Chatt town cause she used to wear one of them white nursing suits and hats, and I used to think what the heck is gonna happen at this church today.  That’s another story.  But as a little girl I remember wondering these things and being a little afraid. Anyways, so we get to the church and there is the man, standing up there preaching.  He’s preaching but he’s also directing the choir and playing the piano, and I’m feeling a little dizzy watchin him cause he’s everywhere. And I’m thinking he needs to slow down. One minute he’s in the pulpit.  Next, he’s in the aisle. When he comes down in the aisle, feels like he’s talkin directly to me, like he done spoke to the God that I was praying to the night before asking him to let me hear HIS voice.  Next he’s back up in the pulpit.  Then he’s on the piano, and then back directing the choir again. Then I realize I’m sittin next to his Mama and she gets to SHOUTN.  His Mama keeps sayin, “So they wanna know what I’m happy bout.”  I swear she keep sayin it over and over again.   This is the truth that I remember from 30 years ago so…    She huggin herself as she SHOUT!  And I’m thinkin what the heck is gonna happen up in here and then stuff keep on happening. By now, somebody, guess it was my womb twin, tells me to look into the choir. So I look!  There’s a  woman SHOUTN in the choir and she’s singin.  Shout, sing. Sing, Shout.  Then — I’ll just call my womb twin, WT, tells me it’s Togetta, the lady with the funny name. And I think she sho is a purdy lady.  She’s Reverend Ulmer’s wife. And I’m thinking ain’t this something. But don’t know body say nothing. The Bishop is preachin and playing the piano and directing the choir and his wife is singing, then shoutn in the choir and his Mama is SHOUTN, “And they wanna know what I’m happy about.” It’s a lot going on and the people just a watchin and feelin the spirit! Right about now I’m understanding why WT’s grandmother’s sister has to be in the nursing suit, wearing the nursing hat, cause now my body is feelin warm, and I can feel God saying to me, “You sit right here little girl and you’ll hear my VOICE.”  And I don’t know what to do, but just BE STILL and be real quiet.” So I keep BEING STILL except I keep getting pregnant by the tall sweet man.  Now I got one on my right hip and another on my left hip and one in a stroller.  All boys.  Not sure why the good lord gave me all boys but I lovem.  And I’m breast feeding all of them, not at the same time.  But my breast hurt! And I know I need directions cause my Mama ain’t here – she flyin around the world with a Ph.D and my Bigmama in Chatt town, tellin stories to me every time I call complaining about Los Angeleez. Bigmama keeps saying to me “I used to SHOUT and eat berries in a field cause I was so po. ” I love my Bigmama but when she says that, I excuse myself and say, “Bigmama, I got to go.”  I would always hang up thinkin, my lord, this family is a mess. Then Sunday would come, and I would be a little scared that one day I would show up at Faithful Central Missionary Baptist Church on Slauson and Hoover and not be able to get in cause I think a lot of people would enjoy this and love to hear God’s voice this way.  And the people are coming from high and low, waiting in lines around the block.  But my womb twin says I shouldn’t worry. But sure enough they keep arriving, and I start getting real scared and my womb twin says don’t worry, it’s okay, we will still have a place to squeeze into the church.  I swear this goes on about 7 years, and in the 7th year, I’m sitting at home, praying after doing something I shouldn’t be doing but I been doing it anyway.  I know I need some directions so I do what Bishop Ulmer – think he was a Bishop Ulmer by then — had been teaching us to do the last seven years.  So I pray and I read my bible.  I read my bible and I pray some more. Next thing I know I’m flying off to London, gonna catch up with Soror Dr. Mommy Georgia Mae – that’s what I call my Mama now  – and I hear God’s voice but it ain’ t making no sense.  Nevertheless, I’m listening to God telling me to do stuff I don’t know nothing about, like write a book and another book and do book signings with folks like Eric Dickey and Kimberly Roby Lawson and what’s some famous ones I stood next to?  I’m trying to remember. Michael Baisden, that’s his name. I was his Vanna White for a while. And I feel like I’m on the Wheel of Fortune things are happening so fast. Now I’m writin plays about to do something else.  I had to take a long break between then and now when the doctor looked at me and Soror Dr. Mommy Georgia Me, and said, “She got more cancer and it ain’t gone be long. ”  We was sad but we got used to it cause I swear she had cancer for 32 years!  That’s all I know is cancer. Anyway when I get back Bishop Ulmer and his pretty wife done move into the Forum where that Magic boy used to play.  I call it the big house. Anyway, I’m getting carried away with this story and I’m not gonna finish so I’ll tell you this.  Let me jump to the end.  Now it’s about 1998 or 2000, I’m not so sure about the date!  Sure enough thousands and thousands and thousands come just like I predicted, forget what WT said.   I can’t even write how many thousands.  And I’m just peaking into the forum with my eyes poked out when I come back from following in behind my Mama –who went to be with the Lord  — that’s another story that you can read somewhere on this blog. I’m shame to admit this but  I was scared of all them people in the big house, looks like some important peoples was up in there on a big stage.  But WT just sat still all those years.  I used to see her sitting in the big house.  30 years passed and she sat still, listen to Bishop, became a psychologist, and a counselor for the church.  She’s so smart. She still sitting still when she come. Now the Man, Bishop Ulmer, is still in Inglewood.  He’s not in the big house but he’s in a sorta big house. But the good lord is tellin me he ain’t gone be there long. Cause the peoples are just coming! He may be getting tired of the people coming by now but I don’t know if you get tired when God has anointed you to speak to the people.  You can catch him here, https://www.faithfulcentral.com/. And the people keep coming.  Thousands are there and thousands will always come.  Stuff happens but the important thing is he’s still there, and I still feel like he has talked to the God I prayed to the night before and he is speakin to me when he walks up and down the aisles after directing the choir after preachin in the pulpit.  Bishop’s Voice pierces my heart and goes straight to the place where my GOD resides.  You can go to the website to see what he does at 7 and 10 on Sundays.  They have videos there. It’s a fancy, pretty site. I went there today. This story will have to be continued later, maybe next Monday.  There’s a lot of stuff I left out!  But it don’t really matter anyhow.  You get the gist of what I’m tryin to say.   It is done. There’s nothing more really to say!!!. There’s an anointed man in Inglewood who hears the voice of God.  He hears every note of God’s songs, and he catches the beat of God’s heart,  which causes him to direct the choir and play the piano and causes his wife with the funny name to sing and shout. His sweet Mama, bless her heart, is gone to glory like my Mama, and I know she’s SHOUTN in heaven, “And they wanna know what I’m shoutn about.”  When I get there, I’m gonna say to her,  “Finally, I know, Mrs. Ulmer.  I know what you shoutn about!” Thank you for reading this. I know it was long.  Seems like to me God is calling me to write on something else next time.  See ya next Monday! Bless your sweet heart, Meme P.S. Oh lord this foolish thing is still going.  I was going to write a nice, impressive piece, but only God is calling my name, and the BISHOP is BIG NOW, got a lot of church people around him.  I couldn’t get an appointment to see the Bishop, but that’s ok.  His assistant was sweet as pumkin pie and said that she’d try to get me in. Some church people I really like.  There’s a lot people at Faithful Central I just love. The pastor over the angel tree prison ministry is a hoot. I talked to her a long time when I was taking my gifts, and the Seniors’ ministry leader. Ms. Vivian. She something else.  Ain’t nothing new that I like babies and old folks and dogs.  Them people in the middle worry me though. And the youngins.  Welll, now, that’s another thing All I want really is to invite him and his wife with the funny name to come to Our Voices, Our Stories  http://www.ourvoicesourstories.com on Sunday, March 22, 2015.   I swear I’m still writing and SHOUTN because of the word I received from Bishop Ulmer and the song I heard from the lady with the funny name some 30 years ago. Ain’t that something, that a voice, a word from the lord, and a song can last 30 years.  I think it’s amazing.  And I’m not running no more.  Just say I’m doing a WT.  I don’t care what the church people do or say! I’ve made up my mind this time.  I’m gonna BE STILL and listen to the voice of God and to Bishop Ulmer preach! And Watch the lady with the funny name SHOUT & Sing.  I’m not gonna get scared of all the thousands coming, especially when they move into the NEW BIG HOUSE.   I know don’t nobody know about that but me and Jesus!  Hah hah!  But you best to believe me this!  Just as sho I’m writing this here foolish thing, it’s coming! The people will continue to come to hear God’s Voice!  People need God’s Voice.  They need a word and a song!  And church people will be church people and nothing I can do about that but lovem, sit still, and be quiet!  Trust God!  And write, as long as God keeps my hands and mind able. I know you thinkin that P.S. was long as heck, another story all by itself.  I’m sorry, when a story get in me, I gets carried away. See ya Sunday! If you see me and you know you see me, hug me. I like to hug folks. In Chatt town after church, we never walked straight out the door, we hugged and loved on folks. Love on your brothers and sisters in Christ, FCBC family!

2 thoughts on “A Man In Inglewood & His Wife with the funny name:)!

    1. Awww. Sister, thank you. Returning to FCBC, I realize how much I love Bishop, Togetta, and the ministry. It’s like no other. Took me a year and a day to figure out how to respond to your comment:)!

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