Sister to Sister, Soror to Soror, Sister to Brother


Get your copy of SHOUT!  Lessons of Hope for Tough Times, an eBook.

It’s Free and  will be emailed to you when you email memekellyinspires@gmail.com to get your copy. Put Free eBook in the subject heading.

In these crazy times, we must all keep our hearts filled with HOPE & LOVE !

It was written during a particular difficult time in the country during the great recession. I wrote it to restore my own Hope.  And in the excerpt below, I explain the signs that God gave me that let me know that I needed to write it.

“My signs are revealed in devastating news stories and from calls with friends who are going through the valleys, the low points of life’s ups and downs. First, is the story of the ninety year old woman who shoots herself in the chest because she’s distraught over being evicted from her home after foreclosure. Then there’s the story of a Pasadena, California woman who commits suicide, another victim of foreclosure. Then there’s the family in Porter Ranch California, just a few miles from me. A man kills his wife and kids and then kills himself. He too is facing foreclosure. And there are the calls from friends that pull at my heart. Friends without jobs, income, or insurance, who are struggling to keep their kids in college. Another friend who is struggling to keep her son out of prison. When I talk to them, I feel weak in my knees, my heart breaks, because there’s nothing I can do to help. I’m dealing with my own mess and trying to stay hopeful even as I hear so many sad stories on the news.”

I can’t really explain the feeling that I got when God called me to write SHOUT or why I believe it’s time to share it again.  All I can do is trust God.

If you decide to donate a love offering, your gift will help me with the “Stage to Screen Campaign.”  https://memekellyinspires.com/stage-to-screen-campaign/

I’m building a team of artist to move forward, and it’s a huge feat and it’s costly.  You can go to the media page to learn more about plays I’ve already done.  https://memekellyinspires.com/media/

The stories that I want to share on the screen will be very entertaining but will also touch hearts! I want to love others by sharing stories, such as I do in Lessons of Hope for Tough Times.  And, deep in my heart, I know that the time is now!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Love you,




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