Why the Love Zone?

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love never fails


I entered a love zone after attending a church service a few weeks ago.  I entered after the choir had sang without missing a note and after the Bishop had preached a mighty sermon, causing me to SHOUT!

But as I was leaving, I saw a sister I knew so I stopped, briefly, to greet her.  And our interaction was so cold and so lifeless that I committed to standing in love no matter what. There was no life in her.

So, in that moment, I made up my mind that whether I’m facing enemies, frenemies, or loved ones, I will always stand in love.  I hope she felt my love as I hugged as much of her being as she would allow me to wrap myself around.

I hugged her in spite of her coldness because love is always the answer.  I hugged her in spite of the shade she cast my way, letting me know that I was not on her favorite’s list, because the bible says that we should love our frenemies.

I was born in the South,  and when you approached my Bigmama’s house, you could feel the positive energy.  As you climbed the front porch stairs, you could hear the women who were gathered together in the kitchen.  Laughter bounced off of the walls and joy flowed through the door openings.  My Mama was known for slapping the back of the person standing next to her when the joke was really good. So when relatives saw her coming, they would take off running while bent over in laughter.

In honor of my Bigmama and my Mama Soror Dr. Georgia Mae, I’m carrying on steeped in love!

I have also entered the love zone after living through the worst season of political chaos and racial disharmony that I’ve ever seen in our country.  Love is the answer for the challenges facing our great country.  I’ve written some stuff off my chest, which you can read on Huffington Post by clicking on the URLs below:

There’s another URL for a second Huffington Post article  at the end of this post.
Soon I’ll share on other platforms — film, TV, and new media.  I can do all things with God’s help.  The stories will not only be entertaining, but will also open hearts and inspire meaningful conversations among us about progressive issues.  I’m gearing up for a Stage to Screen campaign for the first project, which is Out of Bounds. We start filming a short of it at the end of September.
To take the journey with us, for now go to https://memekellyinspires.com/stage-to-screen-campaign/
I made another short home-made video to explain how God is calling me to share in this season.
Please feel free to email me at memekellyinspires.com to join our mailing list. Just put ‘Mailing List’ in the subject heading.

Love you,


P.S.  I know there are lots of opinions on the Black Lives Matter movement. Here’s mine:



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