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Out of Bounds Short Receives Rave Reviews

The Out of Bounds Short film was screened on December 4th, 2016, and now an one minute trailer can be viewed by copying and pasting the Youtube URL link in your browser:

Note, the video below doesn’t work.


LOGLINE: Crystal Thorn, a bi-racial African American Literature Professor, and her husband, The NBA’s Conflict Resolution Specialist, constantly face moral, professional, and lifestyle dilemmas, while grooming sons for the NCAA and NBA during socially turbulent times. 

The short was inspired by a TV Pilot script that Meme Kelly wrote by the same name that was selected as a top 10 semifinalist out of 175 scripts in the UCLA Film School’s Samuel Goldwyn contest.

The Out of Bounds short received sponsorship awards from The University of California, Riverside, Graduate Dean’s office, The Film and Theater Department, and The College of interdisciplinary Study .  Please see a note written to Meme by a faulty member.

“Hi Meme,
Thanks again so much for sharing your video with me.  It’s great!  I think it does a great job juxtaposing the BLM movement among students with the tensions experienced in the Black community — the professor’s tension between supporting the students and her career aspirations and institutional pressure; the destructive and the constructive force that police can play; and the student athletes’ aspirations to excel in their sport with their recognition that the university exploits their efforts.  And then your final message that love within families helps everyone (including the students!) to manage these tensions and move forward.  It’s really a wonderful and challenging film…
Thanks again for sharing your fantastic video.  And congratulations again for finishing up your MFA requirements!  That is a great achievement and I am extremely happy for you.”
Meme Kelly is in search of the right producers to produce this entertaining block buster-to-be.  She can be contacted at



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