Love, Before I’ve Gone Too Far


We’ve been together a long time, so it’s happen a hundred times before. He holds on too tightly, and I wiggle free by any means possible.  This time I told him about himself.  The event was happening, and he should just get over it. There was stillness.  At first, his burly body only moved slightly.  Then he sunk further into the couch’s cushions as I gathered my things:  My black purse, my i-phone, my black wallet. I was gone quickly.

I marched to the car like a soldier in the Putin regime.  My stride kicking dust in his face. The chirp, unlocking the car’s door, seemed unusually loud.  I slammed my second door in 60 seconds. I wiggled my key in the ignition, my body heat preventing me from being steady and still.

I was sure that he’d heard the door slam if he hadn’t already sunken through the cushions to the darkness of his defeat. I drove a long while, leaning to the side, with a smug look of victory on my face.  I had won.

Until…the radio came on and the song played.

Now I was sitting in a parking space at my local store.  The man’s voice in the song that blared was soft and steady.  It offered reassurance.  I closed my eyes, shook my head, and turned the car back on. I fought with the steering wheel.  I had to turn around, like I’d been turning around for an eternity.  I was going home before I’d gone too far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yckFrWlZRr4

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