Don’t get pushed Out of Bounds

The Date & Time:      Sunday, 7/30/17, 3pm

The Event:                  Out-of-Bounds Short Film, Short Play, Short Inspirational Talk

The Tickets                 https://outofboundsproject.eventbrite.com

Join us on July 30, 2017 for a hybrid event, Short Film Out of Bounds, Short Play with same characters, the “Day After the Election,” followed by an inspiring talk and       Q & A.

Get tickets here:  https://outofboundsproject.eventbrite.com

Out of Bounds explores the untraditional dynamics of a dysfunctional family trying to survive in culturally turbulent times. At the center of the chaos is Crystal Thorn, a bi-racial Professor of African American Literature, who is establishing her boundaries and identity during crazy times.

Never allow your life to get Out of Bounds. The characters from Out-of-Bounds will help you stay in the flow at this fun summer event.

Enjoy a trailer of Out of Bounds here:


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