The Time is Now for The Out-of-Bounds project

SCREENINGROOM.73017Pictured above at the OOB screening on 7/30/17: Cast of the Out of Bounds play, Steve Capellan, Millie Capellan, Tim Hutchinson, Vivienne Powell, Meme Kelly, and Sharon Blu-Rain, OOB soundtrack composer. 

On July 30, 2017, The Out of Bounds project was a big success, and I’m excited to offer it again on September 10, 2017 at 3 pm.  Go here for tickets: https://outofboundsscreeningseptemberevent.eventbrite.com

We’ll be culminating and celebrating a fundraising campaign that officially starts NOW! 


The world is in a mess, and stories that help us make sense of our lives are needed now more than ever!  The Out of Bounds project helps us to understand a family struggling through culturally turbulent times, while emphasizing the importance of love and tolerance in relationships.


Tim Hutchison (Donald), Millie Capellan (Crystal), and Nina Gosiengfiao (Student Reporter).

Ultimately, my goal is to have Meme’s Enlightened Media Enterprises (MEME), a digital media platform with entertaining and enlightening content.   After OOB, I want to share a comedic story and a documentary that addresses homelessness and an entertaining short film and web series that addresses foster care issues.  The main characters in both stories will inspire philanthropy and service to others, which is so needed with the government crumbling around us.

If you make a donation, securely, online by copying the paypal url below:



if you make a donation by purchasing a ticket here:


you’ll be, publicly, thanked and acknowledged at the September 10, 2017 event, and a seat in our VIP row will be reserved for you and a guest.  Donations will be used to continue to share the Out of Bounds project, to plan an Indie, film of it and to create MEME.   

Your donation will also allow me to continue to make an Indelible Impact by  serving others:  Click on the link below to enjoy a brief post about my recent experience serving the homeless and foster youth.


Also please read two notes below that I received about OOB: One is from an old college chum and the other is from the Dean of Graduate Studies at The University of California.

From UCLA Alumni member:

Hello Meme,
I am so glad that I had the opportunity to experience your event on my visit to LA last weekend.  When Tim invited me- I really did not have an idea of what I was in for.  I so enjoyed the entire event.
You are a fantastic writer!  Your short film is not only fantastic to watch , it also has extremely strong commentary as well as insight into our struggling society.  The cast selection was perfect.
I cannot think of any better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than supporting my ‘sister’.
Please add me to your mailing list.  Hopefully we will have a chance to get together on one of my next visits to LA.
Take care.  Leah


From Dean of Graduate Studies

“Hi Meme,
Thanks again so much for sharing your video with me.  It’s great!  I think it does a great job juxtaposing the BLM movement among students with the tensions experienced in the Black community — the professor’s tension between supporting the students and her career aspirations and institutional pressure; the destructive and the constructive force that police can play; and the student athletes’ aspirations to excel in their sport with their recognition that the university exploits their efforts.  And then your final message that love within families helps everyone (including the students!) to manage these tensions and move forward.  It’s really a wonderful and challenging film…
Thanks again for sharing your fantastic video.  And congratulations again for finishing up your MFA requirements!  That is a great achievement and I am extremely happy for you.”


The Time is Now for the Out of Bounds project.  I look forward to seeing  you in September.  Thank you for reading this note.


Meme Kelly




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