Why I Must finish Out of Bounds



I came to Los Angeles in a brand new Cadillac.  I was behind the wheel, and next to me in the passenger seat, was my Mom.  At the tender age of 39, she was armed with a Ph.D and an afro, and I was driving her to her new position as Superintendent of Compton Unified School District.  Pictures of me and my Mom are below.

I was sixteen and would start UCLA in the up-coming fall.  But, what I remember most about that drive, is that it became really foggy:  I could barely see in front of me. And, although I thought my Mom was insane at the time,  she kept repeating, “Keep going, you’re doing fine.”  Now I understand that was her philosophy in life!

To no fault of her own, my Mom’s contract was rescinded.  And when a Los Angeles Times reporter caught up with her in her new job as Assistant Superintendent, she said,  “I’m happy, but I still have mixed emotions…because I can’t remember a time in my life when I started something I couldn’t finish. Compton was a new twist in my life.”

Hollywood is the twist in my life and so I’m doing breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner with wonderful folks who are interested in investing in Out of Bounds.
Email me, and I’m there:).  A picture of

Me at 16; my Mom in the reflection; my brother next to me. We were in NY City, celebrating her getting her Ph.D.
My Mom is rooting for me from heaven.  She’s saying, “Keep going; you’re doing fine.”
A year after Compton, my Mom finished what she started when she became Director of Military Schools for the Department of Defense, Germany Region.  I only recently found the LA Times article, which is below.  But after reading  the quote, I understand the fire burning in my belly to complete the Out of Bounds indie feature film.  I hope you will support the Out of Bounds Kickstarter Campaign.



My sweet Mommy

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